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Egg bank launch online

Egg bank launch online

The UK’s first online egg bank catalogue was launched by the London Egg Bank at the Alternative Parenting Show on Saturday 20th September 2014

The initiative is part of a drive by the London Women’s Clinic, who set up the London Egg Bank in 2012, to raise awareness of the shortage of egg donors, increase egg donor recruitment and empower women with an online choice of donor - historically made by clinics.

"Just a year or two ago there were long waiting lists for egg donors in the UK. Altruistic egg donors were hard to find and hard to recurit," says Dr Shailaja Nair, Deputy Medical Director of the London Women’s Clinic, "But now those waiting lists have gone and we are proud to announce the introduction of our new online catalogue."

For the first time women are empowered to make their own choice of egg donor.

Selecting an egg donor

The London Egg Bank understands the importance of patients being offered the choice to select their own donor. "We have a team of specialist recruiters who are dedicated in their work to ensure that we are able to offer a large selection of donors," Dr Nair adds.

This means recipients can search for an egg donor depending on physical characteristics including skin, eye and hair colour, as well as qualifications, hobbies and interests or occupation.

Donors are smart, altruistic and from a variety of different backgrounds.

Fresh and frozen egg donors

The new online catalogue features a wide variety of donors, with a choice of either fresh or frozen eggs to suit the requirements of each individual.

Egg donors in the UK

There is no longer a need for patients to go overseas for donor eggs. Thanks to the London Egg Bank’s recruitment programme, donor eggs are now readily available in the UK without a wait.

Making donation human

The London Egg Bank’s donor recruitment team is trained in finding out more about each donor’s personality, interests, hobbies and attributes that make them human.

We don’t deal with numbers, we deal with people.

Reassuring egg recipients

With over a decade’s experience in egg donation, the London Egg Bank’s founder, the London Women’s Clinic, is able to assure recipients that all the donors are screened.  This meticulous process is conducted by its team of expert clinicians, nurses, counsellors, geneticists and scientists.

For more information and to view the catalogue, please visitwww.londoneggbankdonors.com

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