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Latest issue of Ova now available

Latest issue of Ova now available

The fifth edition of fertility magazine, Ova, is now available. The bumper issue, aimed at single women and traditional and alternative families, gives the whole picture behind reproductive medicine and tackles both the science and emotions involved.

Ova’s got it covered

With eighteen real-life stories to relate to, covering the whole breadth of fertility scenarios, you’ll certainly not feel alone in your personal journey to motherhood. “Reproductive medicine has developed so remarkably over the past few years”, explains Dr Kamal Ahuja, Director, JD Healthcare Group, “that there are now very few people whose infertility can’t be successfully treated – even if it means that their babies may not be entirely their biological own.” 

Apart from the emotional and practical support that the case studies offer, Ova also includes news, special features, clinical reports and legal issues to keep you up to date with all the latest developments in fertility care.

Ova also features the challenges and decisions of motherhood for single women and looks at the options for alternative parents, including sperm donation. Read the article by Cambridge University researcher, Dr Susanna Graham, analysing the experiences and decision-making of single women embarking on motherhood through sperm donation.

And for those seeking single motherhood through donor sperm they can rest assured that there is a good supply in the UK. “The last few years have seen a real turnaround in the availability of donor sperm. This has been partly due to the work of the London Sperm Bank,” explains Dr Ahuja, “Sperm donors have responded to new regulations and a more sympathetic approach which recognises the donor’s strong sense of altruism.”

This year we’re delighted to feature a case study with England Women’s football player, Casey Stoney and her partner, Megan Harris. The couple received IVF treatment with sperm donation at the London Women’s Clinic and are now enjoying their new life with their twins!

So it’s good news that British men have stepped forward to donate. You can also read our special features and case studies on egg donor treatments, including egg sharing, egg donation and egg freezing.

With contributions from consultants, specialists and professors, researchers, legal advisers, counsellors and patients – Ova offers a comprehensive guide to those needing help with starting a family.

You can get your own free copy here

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