IUI Intrauterine insemination 

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IUI Intrauterine insemination 


IUI Intrauterine insemination 

Insemination with your partner's (AIH) or donor sperm (DI) involves injecting a semen sample into the uterus just before ovulation. This technique is known as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and is the most commonly applied technique for donor insemination.

Donor Insemination 

The London Women's Clinic in co-operation with the London Sperm Bank has the largest donor insemination programme in the UK.  We have treated single women and lesbian couples for many years, and offer advice in relaxed, friendly and informal surroundings.  Our team of consultants and nurses are discreet and sympathetic.

Patients are carefully assessed before treatment and counselling is always required to ensure that patients are fully aware of the UK's legislation concerning the identity of sperm donors. Sperm donors are screened for sexually transmittable agents (including HIV) and genetically inherited diseases.  Sperm are frozen and quarantined for a minimum of six months, at which point the test for HIV is repeated prior to use.


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