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Looking for donor sperm?

London Sperm Bank

Looking for donor sperm?

We can assist you!  The London Women's Clinic have partnered with The London Sperm Bank (LSB), Britain’s largest provider of donor sperm, with around 25,000 vials in storage at any given time. Since its opening in 2010, more than 500 men have donated sperm for fertility treatments, which have led to the creation of hundreds of families.  

Women having treatment with donor sperm at the London Women’s Clinic have all benefited from excellent service and high quality sperm from The London Sperm Bank.  The London Sperm Bank understands the importance of choosing a donor who isright for each individual patient. That’s why specialist donor recruiters aim to provide a wide range of donors from a variety of different backgrounds.

Aside from the mandatory HFEA requirements, all donors undergo additional medical screening tests and the donor recruitment team is trained to find out about donor personalities, interests, hobbies and those qualities which make them human.  In addition to this, donor sperm must be of good quality and able to survive freezing.  All LSB sperm samples meet, and often exceed, the World Health Organisation accepted standards for sperm donors.

To find out more about your treatment options at The London Women's Clinic using donor sperm from The London Sperm Bank, please complete our enquiry form or contact us via telephone on +44 (0) 20 7563 4309 or email


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