Recurrent miscarriage clinic

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Recurrent miscarriage clinic

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Recurrent miscarriage clinic

Miscarriage is one of the most common complication of pregnancy at least 25 to 50 per cent of women will experience one or more early miscarriages.  Many of these are thought to be due to embryo or foetal chromosomal abnormalities which tend to have a correlation with maternal age.

Recurrent miscarriage however, is defined as more than three consecutive pregnancy losses and affects one per cent of couples trying to have a baby.  It can be heartbreaking for women and couples when miscarriage occurs as each new pregnancy brings hope and anxiety. For some women, each new loss may be harder to bear; feeling that time might be running out.

Our Harley Street clinic has a recurrent miscarriage clinic for women who have suffered from recurrent miscarriages or have had trouble conceiving.  Our specialist team have a range of treatment options that could help, with a special focus on immunological factors such as high serum natural killer cells, auto antibodies and cytokines.  

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