Three cycle IVF package

Making IVF less stressful and more affordable

Three cycle IVF package


Three cycle IVF package

Here at the London Women's Clinic our aim is to make IVF less stressful and more affordable.

Results worldwide demonstrate that success rates improve when IVF is undertaken as a course of treatment and not as a one-off attempt.

IVF, when charged on a cycle-by-cycle basis, may prove an expensive approach, but at the London Women's Clinic the three cycle package offers three treatments for the price of two. Response to the idea has been tremendous and success rates are good.

We have found that patients are more relaxed from the outset if they know that they have further opportunities for pregnancy. And our results show without doubt that the 'cumulative' rate of success is always higher than that from one cycle.

What our patients say…

"We paid for the three cycle package so that if the first cycle didn't work we would still know that 'all was not lost'…We hoped that it would give us something positive to focus on and we didn't have to worry about if we should try again because we had paid for another try…" Beth Jeanes 

"My husband and I felt that by taking the three cycle package of IVF there wasn't much pressure to get pregnant the first time round.  I saw the whole thing as a process, and in my mind, I was trying to be positive but yet realistic at the same time…The LWC staff were so helpful with our decision making and put my mind at ease the whole time…I would recommend the three cycle package 100%" Samantha Aziz

"I used all three cycles before getting pregnant - it was a relief to know in the end that I had a few more goes at it without the money worries and on the last go I started to get concerned again if it did not work - but thankfully it did!" Lisa Wainwright 


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