Who can take part?

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Who can take part?


Who can take part?

Egg-sharing is open to heterosexual and lesbian women, whether in a relationship or single. In all cases, acceptance is dependent on an initial medical consultation and blood tests.

To become a sharer, you'll need to be 35 or under. But not everyone will be eligible, so before applying it's worth checking if you fulfil the additional criteria established by the UK's regulatory body, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). You can click here for the full criteria.

Recipients nearly always comprise a small group of women who find it difficult or impossible to produce their own eggs. Sometimes the cause is gynaecological (a premature menopause, perhaps); sometimes it may simply be a matter of age. But by taking part in an egg-sharing programme, you may be able to receive the eggs she needs to have a baby. To become a recipient, you'll need to be under 55.


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