About the London Sperm Bank

The largest provider of donor sperm in the UK

About the London Sperm Bank

London Sperm Bank

About the London Sperm Bank

The London Sperm Bank, opened in March 2010, was founded to address the acute donor sperm shortage in the UK and is now the country's largest provider of donor sperm.

At any given time, we have approximately 10,000 vials of sperm available. This allows our affliated fertility centres to use donated sperm in approximately 1000 treatment cycles per year. The demand for donor sperm in the UK is, however, much greated, and we hope to build up a diverse stock of sperm which allows us to supply other HFEA-licensed fertility centres.

Our aim at the London Sperm Bank is to give women in the UK  maximum choice without having to undertake expensive travel abroad. We support the HFEA's anxiety about women procuring sperm from non-licensed sources.

The London Sperm Bank is located in Harley Street, London and sperm can be couriered to the London Women's Clinic North East for treatment. View our donors.


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