Egg donation from your partner

Why not egg-share and receive subsidised treatment?

Egg donation from your partner

Egg donation and egg-sharing

Egg donation from your partner

Egg donation from a partner is becoming increasingly popular among lesbian couples who wish to start a family. The appeal of this treatment lies in the fact that both partners can be actively involved - with one providing the eggs (the genetic mother) and the other carrying the pregnancy (the birth mother).

Between you, you will need to decide which partner will be the birth mother and which will be the genetic mother. Often partners choose this for their first child and then decide to switch around if they have any subsequent children enabling both partners to experience being the genetic and the birth mother.

Why not egg-share?

Egg donation with your partner can also be carried out in conjunction with the LWC's egg-sharing programme, which enables women under 35 who are donating their eggs to their partner to also donate eggs to the LWC egg-sharing scheme in order to receive subsidised treatment. You will also need to be healthy, free form infectious and hereditary diseases, have a BMI between 20 and 30 and have not had more than two failed IVF attempts. For find out more about egg-sharing click here.


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