Gay men

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Gay men

Alternative families

Gay men

There are now a number of ways that gay men can become fathers. This could be by becoming a sperm donor either anonymously or as a 'known' donor which would be for a friend or relative. Surrogacy treatment is becoming more popular among same sex couples through using a surrogate mother and sometimes an egg donor too.

Here at the London Women's Clinic North East we can help you to become a known donor. For more information please click here.  If you are keen to become an anonymous donor or to have surrogacy treatment with a partner, please get in touch with the LWC London who will be able to help you further.

Gay Dad's Guide

The London Women's Clinic has developed a strong relationship with gay campaigning group Stonewall and is proud to have sponsored a guide for gay dads, which offers useful information for gay men looking to become a father. The guide covers all the options available for gay men looking to start a family from adoption and fostering through to surrogacy, co-parenting and donating sperm. To receive your free copy click here.

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