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Single and same-sex women

The clinic of choice for lesbian & single women in the North East

Single and same-sex women

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Single and same-sex women

Treating every woman

The London Women's Clinic is often described as the fertility clinic of choice for single women and same sex couples. We have been treating lesbian couples and single women wanting to start a family for more than 10 years, and indeed we were one of the very first clinics in the UK to do so. In this time we have helped more than 2000 single and lesbian women in their wish to have healthy babies. Our caring and supportive medical staff are committed to offering all our patients the best chance of having a baby.

Legal advice

The legal implications of conceiving with donor sperm can be complex, particularly for single and same sex couples. The clinic has prepared a free special booklet of legal advice. If you would like to receive a free copy please click here.

Largest sperm bank in Britain

The majority of patients using our sperm bank are single and lesbian women. We now run one of Britain's largest sperm banks, The London Sperm Bank, and our selection of over 100 donors can be viewed online. 

Donors come from a wide range of ethnic, educational and social backgrounds and all have been carefully selected for infectious that could otherwise be passed on to you or your unborn child. Since the legal change in 2005, we have only been collecting sperm from donors who have agreed to be 'identifiable' as defined by the regulatory body, the HFEA.

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