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Using a known sperm donor

Known sperm donation is becoming more popular

Using a known sperm donor

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Using a known sperm donor

At the London Women's Clinic North East we have found that the use of a known sperm donor independently picked and introduced within a joint treatment plan is becoming more and more popular.

First visit: Your known sperm donor will need to have a semen analysis to determine the quality of his sperm.  He will also need to have a test freeze and, if this is successful, the sample will be screened for common sexually transmitted diseases.

Second visit: If the sample is suitable for freezing and treatment, your known sperm donor will need to complete a number of further blood tests.

Third visit: If all tests are clear, donation and freezing can begin.  We would recommend that your known sperm donor makes three donations to start with.  More samples may be necessary.

Other requirements: Your donor will also require a basic physical examination by one of our doctors and will need to see our in house counsellor (this is a mandatory procedure at the clinic).  

Quarantine: According to HFEA regulations, all donor sperm must be quarantined for 180 days (six months) from the date of the final freeze before it can be used for treatment.  After the quarantine period your donor will need to repeat some blood tests.  Once the results come back clear you can start your treatment. 


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