Laura’s Story

“It was the best birthday present we could have given my dad”

Carrie Thomas

Treatment failure is a devastating event for everyone going through IVF, but as LWC patient Laura Davies explains, disappointment in a first cycle may not mean disappointment in the next.

After a year and a half of trying to conceive naturally, with fertility tests for both me and my husband and Clomid to help ovulation, I decided to call the London Women’s Clinic following recommendation from a family friend.

Until then we had had a frustrating and worrying time, but I instantly relaxed when the consultant told us we had a good chance of a successful pregnancy. Luckily, we chose to proceed with the three-cycle IVF package.

I had my first egg collection on in July 2011, when 10 eggs were collected. However, none of them fertilised and, even though we had discussed the likelihood of success at a first attempt, I was still devastated.

In September I had my second egg collection and, following fertilisation with ICSI, 11 of my 13 eggs fertilised - and all of high grade. A single blastocycst was later transferred, and the two-week wait for the pregnancy test was the longest of my life. But again, it was bad news and the test showed a negative result. Once again, I was absolutely devastated - and only now has my husband told me of the change in my personality at the time.

My spirits rose with the knowledge that I had six good quality blastocysts frozen”

So we decided to take a break and enjoy that Christmas with friends and family. But as soon as New Year 2012 came my spirits rose with the knowledge that I had six good quality blastocysts frozen, and that each transfer would be easier on my body.

So in March one of the embryos was thawed and transferred, but I was sure that this attempt had not worked. My family were going out to celebrate my dad’s birthday, so I decided to join the fun rather than be careful for no reason. I even took the pregnancy test a day early, and to my surprise the test came up instantly positive. It took my husband 20 minutes of staring at the test, the test box and re-reading the instructions to make sure it was right. It was the best birthday present we could have given my dad, and we definitely had a big celebration.

The first time I saw my baby during the first scan at the clinic I could not believe my eyes; even though it only looked like a peanut, I was totally smitten. I had a good pregnancy and really enjoyed it, although my husband was a nervous wreck the entire time.

We were convinced we were having a boy and in December we had another big shock when our beautiful baby girl came into the world, Nyah Darcey.

I would like to thank all the staff at the LWC, especially Anne, Helen, Dr Mamiso and most importantly Dr Thackare for giving us such a special little girl - and we hope to see them again soon for a little brother or sister!

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