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Stonewall information booklets

The LWC has a strong relationship with Stonewall

Stonewall information booklets

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Stonewall information booklets

The London Women’s Clinic has developed a strong relationship with gay campaigning group Stonewall and is proud to have sponsored three information booklets for gay men and women.

Pregnant Pause is a booklet for lesbian women looking to start a family. The guide features useful information from how to get pregnant, through the stages of pregnancy, to the laws affecting lesbian women and their children.

A Guide for Gay Dads, sponsored by the London Sperm Bank, offers useful information to gay men looking to become a father. The guide covers all of the options available for gay men looking to start a family from adoption and fostering through to surrogacy, co-parenting and also donating sperm.

Different Families is our latest publication which features research on the family and school experiences of children with lesbian and gay parents.  Commissioned by Stonewall, the booklet features original research by the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge.

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