Time lapse imaging

Is Time Lapse the future for IVF?

Time lapse imaging


Time lapse imaging

Embryo assessment by time lapse imaging

The selection of embyros for transfer is crucial to the success of IVF - both for a healthy delivery and to ensure a singleton pregnancy.  Now, it has been suggested that embryo selection can be helped by a new technique which visualises the progress of embryo development with time lapse photography.

At The London Women’s Clinic Wales, we strive to ensure that we can offer the very best of all new techniques and technologies to our patients to help them achieve a healthy pregnancy. 

Thanks to our position in the fertility industry, we have had the opportunity to work with the various suppliers of time lapse technology to trial each system and make the best possible choice.  At this early stage in the technology, our trials so far suggest that there is still a long way to go before time lapse can contribute significantly to the choice our highly experienced staff would make when assessing embryo quality and therefore our patients’ chance of success.  In fact, a recent study published from a Cochrane review (internationally recognised as the benchmark for high quality information about the effectiveness of health care), concluded that there is ‘insufficient evidence of differences in live birth..or clinical pregnancy to choose between Time Lapse Selection and conventional incubation’.

There is no doubt that this technology could mark a step forward for fertility treatment, but at this stage, although it has certainly generated a great deal of media attention, it is not proven to offer a higher chance of success.  For this reason, we are not making a commitment to any of the providers of Time Lapse – There are however new developments expected within the next few years and we will always continue to research and explore, so watch this space!

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