What is egg-sharing?

Help yourself become a mother, help someone else become a mother

What is egg-sharing?


What is egg-sharing?

Egg-sharing is an IVF treatment which brings together women having conventional IVF (the sharer) with those unable to produce their own eggs (the recipients). Egg-sharing enables these two groups of women to help one another - egg-sharers receive free IVF treatment whilst recipients receive the eggs they need for IVF.  So if you decide on egg-sharing, whether as a sharer or recipient, you'll be helping both yourself and someone else become a mum.

Egg-sharing was pioneered by consultants at the London Women's Clinic nearly 20 years ago - and today, while thousands of women have benefitted from egg-sharing across the world, it is still the London Women's Clinic that is widely regarded as the home of egg-sharing. Recent results show high rates of success for both sharers and recipients.

You can find out more about egg-sharing by visiting our website eggsharing.com or attend one of our free open days held at our clinics in Wales and around the region.  


Egg-sharing and egg donation information sheet

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