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Our wish, like yours, is a baby delivered in a treatment programme which is safe, effective and affordable. Our approach puts you at the heart of our treatment, with a programme designed with only you and a healthy baby in mind. That programme might be IVF Lite, a short and simple treatment of low dose stimulation and single embryo transfer for a healthy singleton birth.

Or for those without a male partner donor insemination has been shown in studies to be highly effective; results are excellent with the London Women's Clinic nationally acclaimed fertility programme for single and lesbian women.

More serious cases, in which our patients have poor ovarian function, may need egg donation; donor eggs are in good supply from the London Egg Bank and treatment is available without long waiting lists.

And even if you are not yet ready to start your family, you can still preserve your fertility in our increasingly popular egg freezing service, using the latest rapid-freezing technique of vitrification.

So begin your fertility journey today and book an appointment. We have a programme which is right for you.

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