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Why choose the London Women's Clinic?

  • Conveniently located treatment centres across the UK
  • Caring, highly experienced staff
  • Minimum waiting times for treatment
  • Excellent success rates
  • Personalised approach
  • Affordable treatments
IVF LWC fertility clinics

Clinics across the UK making access to treatment convenient
With clinics located in most regions of the UK, you may not need to travel far.

Caring, highly experienced staff
Our consultants and nursing staff have extensive experience in the treatment of infertility, and your personal well-being is important to us; our free monthly support group, trained counsellors and fertility coach are all available to patients.

Minimum waiting times for treatment
We rarely have waiting lists for treatment. Treatment can thus start within six weeks or even less meaning that when time is of the essence there are no unnecessary delays.

Excellent success rates
Whether from IVF or ICSI, egg donation or donor insemination, our results compare with the very best found in Britain.

Personalised approach
It's now clear in IVF and other treatments that one size does not fit all. So after investigation and diagnosis our consultants will design a personal treatment plan based on your own fertility status, medical history and preferred treatment routes, with the single aim of maximising your chances of success.

Low cost packages and money-back guarantee in some of our regions
The cost of fertility treatments like IVF or ICSI can be high. However, a number of our clinics are able to offer low cost packages of three cycles of treatment. Some may also offer a money-back guarantee if you meet their eligibility criteria and treatment is not successful.

Access to the largest sperm and egg banks in the UK
This usually means no wait for treatment with donor eggs or sperm. As an LWC patient you will have access to the largest catalogues of sperm and egg donors in the UK.

Our partners at the London Egg Bank and London Sperm Bank always have a broad supply of high quality donors from a variety of different backgrounds, meaning that a close match can be quickly found and you can start treatment without delay.

Treatment available to NHS patients
The LWC provides NHS-funded treatment to patients in the East of England region, which covers Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. As an NHS patient you have access to the same high-quality treatment as our private patients.

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