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Accessing fertility treatment in Wales

Accessing fertility treatment in Wales

Our patients at LWC Wales can now benefit from two new IVF programmes offered in collaboration with Access Fertility. You have the option of choosing an IVF money-back package, where 70% of the fee is refunded if treatment is unsuccessful, or a multi-cycle IVF or ICSI programme including up to two cycles.

‘Access Fertility has selected some of the best clinics in the UK to work with and our clinic in Cardiff is proud to be the only clinic in Wales to offer these packages’, says Dr Ahuja, Director of the London Women's Clinic.

How does the IVF Refund Programme work?

You can take part in this programme if you are having treatment using your own eggs and are 37 and under. It includes up to three IVF or ICSI cycles and all associated frozen embryo transfers. If, unfortunately, at the end of the treatment, you do not have a baby, you will receive a 70% refund.

Before taking part in the IVF Refund Programme Access Fertility may request that you have a medical review to make sure that you are right for the treatment.

What about the Multi-Cycle IVF programme?

You can qualify for this multi-cycle IVF programme if you are 42 and under and using your own eggs. It includes up to two cycles of IVF or ICSI and all associated frozen embryo transfers.

Benefits of pre-payment

Both programmes require payment in advance – giving you the benefit of knowing exactly what you will be paying before your treatment starts. You’ll also receive savings of up to 35% by opting for a multi-cycle plan rather than receiving single cycle treatment as you go. Having a multi-cycle plan in place can give you peace of mind that you have the option for more than one cycle, if needed, and that you are already prepared for the costs.

The fixed priced programmes exclude the initial consultation, screening tests and medications – all of these are charged separately.

A popular choice

“Although relatively new in the UK, schemes like this have been very popular in the US for many years,” explains Dr Ahuja, “They are being offered alongside our existing options and will only be recommended if we feel they are right for you.”

Our partnership with Access Fertility

Unlike the clinic’s conventional IVF packages, payments for these treatment programmes are made directly to Access Fertility. LWC Wales does not receive any commission or pay a referral fee to Access Fertility and only receives payment for the treatment you receive.

Please get in touch with LWC Wales on 02920 236 301 if you would like to discuss the new programmes that we are now offering in partnership with Access Fertility. 

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