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Holding out a hand

Holding out a hand

Going through any form of fertility treatment is a cause of concern and worry. But here at the London Women’s Clinic we understand that anything to reduce this anxiety before, during and after treatment is a godsend.

London’s only support group

As a fertility specialist, I’ve been running a support group at our London clinic for six years and it remains the only such group in London. We’re here for heterosexual, same-sex couples and single women to share their experiences. It’s a place to offer support, swap ideas and share resources.

I love the look of relief on people’s faces when they realise they are not alone

The support group has an average of 20-25 people attending each session and can feature guest speakers, male perspectives as well as alternative therapists such as acupuncturists and hypnotherapists.

We meet in our London clinic on the last Monday of every month. What's so good about the group is that you don’t have to be a patient of LWC, everyone on a fertility journey is welcome to join in.

Getting it right

Before joining the group you may find it reasurring to know what other women have gained from the support.

“The group gives a supportive feel. It is so important in a process that is so full of frustration, tension and sense of failure.”

“It really helped hugely – just to know you are not alone in this crazy process.”

“Now that I’ve been I don’t know what I would do without the group.”

My story

With my husband, Damion, we underwent our six-year fertility journey before having Hope and Barney. We then went on to complete our beautiful family and adopted Thomas.

We were given the odds of 1 in 125,000 of having a successful fertility treatment

Apart from running the fertility support group, I am also the patient coordinator at the LWC London – providing patients with ongoing support, before, during and after their treatment. I am also a trustee for Infertility Network UK, a frequent media spokesperson, and co-authored ‘Fertile Thinking’, with Cat Dean in 2010.

If you’d like to find out more about the fertility support group please contact me at anya.sizer@londonwomensclinic.com

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