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We provide a complete range of basic ultrasound scanning services if you’re trying to conceive naturally or are undergoing fertility treatment at another clinic. We’ve successfully monitored the cycles of many women being supervised by treatment centres all over the world.

Our Basic Fertility Scans are designed for people who are looking for a scan without being a patient at London Women’s Clinic, or who are receiving treatment from a clinic elsewhere.

For patients of London Women’s Clinic, a Fertility MOT is also available. This service provides greater insight into your fertility status and includes a consultation with one of our fertility experts who can personally advise you on this and its implications for you, as well as the best treatment options available. Fertility MOTs are available to women and couples at London Women’s Clinic. For more information about the Fertility MOTs, click here.

One of the most beneficial scans to help increase your chances of conceiving is the Follicle Tracking Scan, used to help determine when ovulation is likely to occur. Through measuring the size of any active follicles within your ovaries, we can get a clearer picture of your fertility status and predict when you are likely to be most fertile.

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An Endometrial Thickness Scan is performed to measure the thickness and appearance of the lining of the womb. The results of this scan help track the changes that occur in your normal ovulation cycle, as well as the changes that occur in your uterus in response to any fertility drugs you may be using.

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An ovulation scan is one of the most accurate ways to measure your ovulation and therefore predict the periods during your cycle when you will be the most fertile. Typically, you can expect to receive three ovulation scans during one menstrual cycle in order to get the clearest picture about your cycle.

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