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Endometrial thickness scan

An endometrial thickness scan measures the thickness and appearance of the lining of the womb known as the endometrium. Examining the lining in this way helps to follow the changes that occur in a normal cycle, estimate ovulation or to follow the changes within the uterus in response to fertility drugs used to stimulate the uterus. It can accurately predict when ovulation is expected to be at its maximum so that conception, either naturally or through fertility treatment, may be more likely. You will usually require three follicle tracking scans during any one menstrual cycle. A detailed scan will take place during your first appointment with the subsequent scans concentrating on the ovaries. This is an internal pelvic ultrasound scan in order to ensure maximum accuracy.

An endometrial thickness scan will:
  • Optimise the chance of natural conception
  • Assist fertility treatment
  • Survey the uterus, endometrium and ovaries

Results from your ultrasound examination will be available immediately after your appointment. We will provide a copy for you and your gynaecologist or fertility specialist. If hormone blood tests are also required, this can also be arranged.


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