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MCDA twins care private scan package

If you're having twins and have been told they are MCDA (Mono-Chorionic Di-Amniotic), you've probably also been told MCDA pregnancies need special care, that means extra scans. This package is designed to include all pregnancy scans required for a MCDA twin pregnancy. 

What is included:
  • Early pregnancy scan and the Harmony Non-Invasive Prenatal Test
  • 16 week welfare scan
  • 18 week welfare scan
  • 20 week anomaly scan
  • 22 week welfare scan
  • 24 week welfare scan
  • 28 week welfare scan
  • 34 week welfare scan
  • 36 week welfare scan

Pregnancy scans performed by Mr Wimalasundera will be of the highest standard and welcomed by your private obstetrician or midwife. Our clinical reports will be accepted by an NHS midwife or obstetrician. Mr Wimalasundera is available to communicate with your private obstetrician or midwife should they have any queries regarding our clinical diagnosis. 

Please contact us for further information and for the terms and conditions of this package.


Saving over £360 in comparison to when scans are bought individually

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