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Cervical Length Scan

A cervical scan is an ultrasound examination during which your cervix (the neck of your womb) is assessed and measured. Measuring the length of the cervix during pregnancy can help identify if you’re at risk of having a premature delivery.

In addition to measuring its length, we look at the internal end of the cervix to assess for widening and see what happens when the cervix is put under pressure, for instance, when you cough. A cervical scan is performed internally for optimum accuracy.

A shorter measurement of your cervix may mean you’re more at risk of having your baby too early. You may need a cervical scan if you’ve already experienced an early delivery, or if you’ve had a procedure performed on your cervix, such as laser surgery. Having a cervical scan will help your midwife or obstetrician decide whether you should be considered for a cervical cerclage, or cervical stitch.

Combining the cervical scan with a growth scan within one appointment allows us to perform an important cervical measurement at the same time as checking on the growth, health and wellbeing of your baby.

Sonographer £200
Consultant £280

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