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Gender Scans

  • Identify the gender of your baby

  • Check your baby’s heartbeat

  • Measure the circumference and diameter of your baby’s head

  • Measure the size of your baby’s waist

  • Measure the length of your baby’s femur

  • Examine your placenta

  • Check the amount of fluid around your baby

  • Check the baby’s movements

  • Input all the measurements and data into our fetal database to compare and chart your baby’s growth

Using 2D technology the gender scan is usually performed through your tummy, but sometimes the sonographer will ask to perform a transvaginal scan to gain a clearer view.

We can give you the results of your scan during your appointment, as long as the sonographer has obtained a clear view of your baby’s genitalia. We will also perform a growth scan to check on the health of the baby.

Sonographer £150
Consultant £220

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