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Group B Strep Screen and Growth Scan

  • Screen for Group B Streptococcus infection

  • Check the general health of your baby

  • Check the amount of fluid around your baby

  • Assess the length of your cervix

  • Check your baby’s heart rate

  • Confirm the position of your baby, placenta and umbilical cord

A Group B Strep (GBS) screening checks for the presence of harmful bacteria that causes life-threatening infections in newborn babies.

Two separate swabs are taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis. One is taken from the lower region of the vagina and one from the anus.

As well as screening for GBS, a presentation scan will also take place to help to determine the position of your baby immediately before birth. Whether you are planning on a natural birth or a caesarean section, the information from the scan is helpful to your midwife or obstetrician in helping to determine the position of your baby and the placenta before delivery and avoiding any complications, such as placenta praevia.

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