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Investigating infertility

  • A fertility ‘MOT’ as an initial assessment for both male and female partner
  • Tests can usually discover the cause of infertility
  • The cause of infertility will usually determine the most suitable treatment
  • Causes may be of female or male origin - though many remain ‘unexplained’
  • Some patients - such as lesbian or single women - are not clinically infertile but still need treatment to have a baby
Diagnosing infertility

Finding the right treatment for your infertility will require an explanation of its causes. And that begins with your initial consultation. However, before that you may feel that an initial assessment - what we call a ‘fertility MOT’ - is appropriate just to check on the basics.

Further investigation will begin at a first consultation where both partners will be asked about medical history and given an outline of the most appropriate tests required. Only with the results of these tests can a treatment programme be developed specifically for you.

You can learn more about infertility here.

These tests will show if you are affected by:
female infertility
male infertility
unexplained infertility

Today we also know more about the genetic composition of eggs and embryos and how an abnormality can increase the risks of infertility, miscarriage and inherited genetic disease. You can discover more about testing for genetic abnormalities here.

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