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Partner to partner egg sharing

  • Increasingly popular among lesbian couples who wish to start a family
  • Enables both partners to be actively involved
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Women in same sex relationships

Egg Sharing

Many women in a same sex relationship choose to share their eggs with another couple or woman in need of donor eggs. This enables the woman or couple to have a longed for child whilst the donor receives free IVF treatment. As women in same sex relationships require donor sperm to conceive, they are often happy to help another patient in a similar situation who requires a donor to have a family.  If you are interested in egg sharing please visit our egg sharing page for more information.

Partner Donation

At the London Women’s Clinic we enable women in same sex relationships to experience pregnancy together through intra-partner egg sharing, which we call ‘Shared Motherhood’.. Both partners will be directly involved in the creation of their child, one as the egg donor and biological mother, with the other woman experiencing the pregnancy and being the birth mother. Shared Motherhood can be either self-funded or as part of our Egg Share programme. You can choose a sperm donor from our partner bank The London Sperm Bank, the UK's largest provider of donor sperm.

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