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Sperm freezing

  • Sperm can be stored for medical reasons or to preserve your fertility
  • Sperm sample collection is non-invasive and there are no risks associated
Sperm donation LWC

Sperm freezing allows men to store their sperm to be used at a later date. This may be for medical reasons or if they need to delay conception. There are no time limits on how long sperm can be stored for before use.

Do I need to freeze my sperm?

There are many reasons why you may consider freezing your sperm including:

  • You are about to undergo a vasectomy
  • You are undergoing medical treatment that may affect your fertility

  • You have a medical condition that means you might be infertile later on in life

  • Your sperm is being used for a donation

  • You have a low sperm count or your sperm quality is deteriorating

  • You have difficulty producing a sample on the day of treatment

What are the risks of sperm freezing?

Sperm sample collection is non-invasive and there are no risks associated with collecting the sample.

What happens if I freeze my sperm?

  1. Infectious diseases screening:, including HIV, HTLV and Hepatitis B/C

  2. You need to provide written consent for your sperm to be stored

  3. You need to produce a sperm sample at the clinic (abstain for 2-5 days before to obtain the best sample)

  4. Your sperm is frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen until you want to use it.

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