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The largest sperm and egg banks

The London Women’s Clinic has partnered with the London Sperm Bank and the London Egg Bank to ensure that all our patients have readily available access to high quality sperm and eggs, should they need them.

About the London Sperm Bank

The London Sperm Bank (LSB), was founded in 2010 to address the acute donor sperm shortage in the UK and is now the country’s largest provider of donor sperm.

At any given time, they have approximately 40,000 vials of sperm available. This allows their affiliated fertility centres to use donated sperm in approximately 1000 treatment cycles per year.

The demand for donor sperm in the UK is, however, much greater, and LSB hope to build up a diverse stock of sperm which allows us to supply other HFEA-licensed fertility centres.

Our aim at the LSB is to give women in the UK maximum choice without having to undertake expensive travel abroad. We support the HFEA’s anxiety about women procuring sperm from non-licensed sources. 

The LSB understands the importance of choosing a donor who is right for each individual patient. That’s why specialist donor recruiters aim to provide a wide range of donors from a variety of different backgrounds. You can conveniently browse our catalogue of donors from the comfort of your mobile phone using our new app.

About the London Egg Bank

One of the UK’s leading egg banks, the London Egg Bank empowers women with a large choice of UK recruited egg donors - donors who are smart, altruistic and from a variety of different backgrounds.

Opened in 2013 by the team behind the London Women’s Clinic and the London Sperm Bank to encourage egg donation in the UK, they now offer the first online donor catalogue with both fresh and frozen donor eggs available.

Getting started

If you are in need of donor eggs or sperm as part of your treatment, the London Women's Clinic can help.  Our partnership with these two large banks mean that you won't have to worry about waiting lists and can access donor sperm or eggs immediately.  

Simply get in touch with us and our experienced staff will talk you through our step by step process as well as book you an initial consultation.  Once you're happy to start treatment, we will liaise with the London Sperm Bank and or the London Egg Bank to ensure you find the right donor for you.  Both banks have a comprehensive online catalogue and currently patients having treatment at the London Women's Clinic may be entitled to further discounts or promotions.


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