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Three cycle package and low cost treatment options

  • Our aim is for treatment which is safe, effective and affordable
  • Treatment most effective when delivered as a course
  • A guaranteed price for a course of treatment
  • Money-back offer at some LWC centres
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Money-back guarantee

At the majority of our clinics, we now offer a refund of up to 100% if you don't have a baby. To find out more, visit our partners at Access Fertility by clicking here.

Three cycle IVF package

Our aim at the LWC is to make IVF safe and successful - but also less stressful and more affordable. Results worldwide demonstrate that success rates improve when IVF is undertaken as a course of treatment and not as a one-off attempt.

Response to the idea has been tremendous and success rates are good. We have found that patients are more relaxed from the outset if they know that they have further opportunities for pregnancy. And our results show without doubt that the 'cumulative' rate of success is always higher than that from one cycle.

Package cost

ServiceOur London & South England clinics Our Wales & West Country clinicsOur clinic in North England
Standard IVF £3,650 £3,175 £2,650
Three cycle IVF package £7,300 £6,300 £5,300 

Other low cost packages

We understand that the cost of fertility treatment can be a substantial financial commitment. With this in mind, the LWC has produced a range of low cost package designed to fit every budget and every patient hoping to start a family. For example, our egg-sharing programme already provides free IVF treatment to eligible women who donate some of their eggs to an egg donation patient. This programme is now available to women who would like to egg-share when they freeze their eggs or when they have treatment with their lesbian partner (partner to partner egg-sharing).

We have found that not only do our three cycle packages reduce the financial burden of treatment, but following a clear course of treatment can reduce the emotional and physical burden by making treatment a less stressful time. In addition, our clinics in Wales and the West Country offer a money-back guarantee in partnership with Access Fertility, so giving our patients in these regions another option to make fertility treatment more accessible.


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