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Having a baby seems like the most natural thing in the world, but we know that many women need a helping hand to turn that dream in to a reality. At the LWC we offer natural cycle IVF as well as mild stimulation IVF which we call “IVF Lite”.

The treatment you decide to go for depends on a number of factors. If you are unable to take fertility drugs due to personal or religious beliefs or perhaps because you’re at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS) then IVF Lite is for you.

IVF Lite means a simpler treatment schedule, a lower drug dose and fewer risks from multiple pregnancies and over-stimulation than standard IVF. Studies have shown that treatment times with a mild approach are shorter, drug doses lower, and fewer patients leave treatment. And psychologically - because stress levels were also tested - patients seem to be happier with the treatment programme.

Why IVF Lite?

  • A safer pregnancy - Keeping mum and baby safe by reducing multiple pregnancies
  • Your well-being - Less invasive drugs keep you in control at this important time
  • A mild and natural approach - Benefits your mind and body with less stress and less risks
  • Success rates - Good prospects for women under 35 with healthy eggs
  • Over 40? - IVF Lite can be particularly successful for women over 40

What does IVF Lite involve?


With IVF Lite, a lower dose of fertility drugs is taken that does not alter your natural cycle. This reduces the drug treatment by two weeks and stops any side effects. Natural IVF treatment involves no drugs.

The eggs

The reduced level of drugs means that there are usually fewer eggs available to collect. We collect as many good quality eggs as possible in each cycle.

Embryo freezing

Any remaining embryos that are healthy will be frozen for later use - this means that these can be used if your first cycle is unsuccessful.


If your first treatment doesn’t result in a successful pregnancy, you’ll be ready for another attempt on your next cycle unlike in conventional IVF. The lower dose of drugs makes this possible.

Success with IVF Lite

At the London Women’s Clinic, we define “success” through IVF Lite as the birth of a singleton healthy baby delivered after a safe programme of treatment. So, while IVF Lite might produce a slightly lower delivery rate in a single cycle of treatment than traditional high-dose cycles, we are actually more interested in outcome after a defined and agreed package of treatment cycles – what is known as “cumulative” delivery rate.

Recent studies show that cumulative birth rates are just as high with low-dose IVF as with the more traditional higher-dose approaches. IVF lite aims to produce between three and eight eggs for fertilisation, one for an initial “fresh” transfer and the rest for freezing.



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