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IVF Lite

  • Patient-friendly IVF in tune with you
  • A mild approach which is simpler, safer and more affordable than traditional IVF treatment
IUI treatment LWC

IVF Lite means a simpler treatment schedule, a lower drug dose, a good outcome (based on one fresh and additional frozen transfers), fewer risks (from multiple pregnancy and over-stimulation) and a fixed price which represents good value.

Behind the concept lies the view that in many patients an aggressive approach is no longer necessary: embryo culture conditions have improved such that one blastocyst can be transferred to avoid multiple pregnancy without compromise to efficacy. Improved freezing technology through vitrification also means that surplus embryos can be frozen efficiently for later transfer and thereby make 'cumulative' delivery rate the key measure of success.

IVF Lite also encourages a more acceptable experience, both emotionally and financially. Studies have shown that treatment times with a mild approach are shorter, drug doses lower, and fewer patients drop out of treatment. And psychologically - because stress levels were also tested - patients seem to be happier with the treatment programme.  

By all accounts, this is patient-friendly IVF.

And that's what our IVF Lite programme is at the London Women's Clinic. A low-dose, single embryo transfer package, which avoids the risk of twins and counts on the delivery of a single healthy baby within a course of treatment. 


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