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  • We can provide donor eggs for surrogacy treatments
  • Legal advice is recommended for all surrogacy arrangements
  • LWC is the clinic of choice for same sex couples
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Surrogacy is a very complicated treatment, with so many potential challenges that most arrangements are now coordinated through a surrogate agency.  However, it is important to note that 'commercial' surrogacy in the UK - in which the gestational carrier receives payment - is not allowed.

The treatment is mainly sought by couples in whom the female partner is unable or unwilling to deliver a baby safely.  This may be because of illness or a problem with the uterus.  there are two types of surrogacy available: the first in which the patient-couple (intended parents) provides an embryo by IVF or ICSI which is then transferred to the surrogate mother for pregnancy and delivery ) known as 'host surrogacy'; and the less common second in which the surrogate herself provides the egg which is fertilised by a semen sample from the male patient partner (with intrauterine insemination).  In the latter case, the female partner would have no genetic link to the baby, which would effectively be produced by egg donation and surrogacy.

Legal Advice

The treatment is complex, with many potential difficulties over parenthood and citizenship (particularly when the surrogacy arrangement is performed overseas).  Most successful arrangements require the involvement of a lawyer and very strict counselling.  All surrogacy cases undertaken at the London Women's Clinic Wales must have the approval of the clinic's ethics committee.

Surrogacy for Gay men

There are two types of surrogacy available for gay men wishing to have a baby: the first in which an egg donor provides eggs which are fertilised with the sperm by IVF and ICSI and the embryos are then transferred to the surrogate mother for pregnancy and delivery (known as 'host surrogacy'); and the second in which the surrogate herself provides the egg which is fertilised with the sperm by IVF and ICSI. It is important to note that only one partner’s semen sample can be used for treatment.

We recommend that you seek the appropriate legal advice prior to your treatment, this hopefully prevent any future difficulties arising regarding parenthood and citizenship. Counselling is attended as a routine part of any surrogacy arrangement with ongoing support available.  All surrogacy cases undertaken by the London Women’s Clinic have been approved by the clinic’s Ethics Committee.

Men who have chosen the "host surrogacy" agreement have access to the London Egg Bank, the UK's largest provider of donor eggs.  To find out more about your options, please complete the enquiry form on this page.


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