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Why get a fertility test?

A male fertility test, or Fertility MOT, will help you to understand your fertility status. The semen is analysed and with the results, you will understand your fertility status and ability to conceive.

What is checked?

The most common causes of male infertility are associated with sperm abnormalities, therefore, initial investigations for the male include a semen analysis which examines the density (sperm count), morphology (shape) and mobility of sperm. A normal sperm count would be measured at around 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen.

How it is done

You will be asked to attend the clinic to provide a semen sample so that the analysis can take place immediately after production. Prior to your appointment, you must ensure to abstain from any form of sexual activity for three days (72 hours) so we obtain the best possible sample from you. The appointment will last no longer than 30 minutes. In rare cases, it is possible for you to produce a sample at home, however, this will need to be discussed carefully first.

What is included?

A male Fertility MOT at the London Women’s Clinic includes a semen analysis and report of the findings including:

  • The number of sperm present within the ejaculate (the sperm count)
  • The number of sperm that are moving (mobility)
  • The number of sperm that are normally formed (morphology)
  • Whether or not there are anti-sperm antibodies present
  • The ability of sperm to survive over a 24-hour period
  • Whether there’s any infections present within the sample

What next?

When the results of your semen analysis are ready, you can choose to discuss them with a fertility specialist. The specialist will also discuss your medical history and lifestyle and advise you on your fertility and any changes you may need to make to maximise your fertility potential. If you have a partner, you may wish to bring the results of both of your tests to this consultation.


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