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Bonding with your baby in 4D

27 - 30 weeks for a single pregnancy and around 22 - 28 weeks for twins

Thanks to the wonders of new 4D ultrasound baby scan technology you can now take a glimpse into the world of your unborn child. Enjoy this special experience of bonding with your baby!

We offer both a 3D pregnancy scan or a 4D ultrasound if you are keen to see how your baby is getting along before the big day. A 3D ultrasound scan allows you to see your baby’s progress in real-time here at our clinic, in the form of a static, three-dimensional image. On the other hand, if you’d like to take moving images home with you in the form of a video for your iPhone, iPod or iPad to show family and friends, we have the very latest 4D technology at our disposal. This enables you to watch all the action in the comfort of your own home, or share on your mobile device, whether they’re yawning, smiling or sucking their thumb.

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