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"It was the best birthday present we could have given my Dad, and we definitely had a big celebration"

Dr Zeynep Gurtin, Venessa Smith and Dr Kamal Ahuja of the London Women's Clinic discuss the ethical and social aspects of egg freezing and the concerns regarding the 10 year storage limit for frozen eggs. 

"With the amount of joy Lenny and this new baby has brought to our lives, I wouldn't think twice about doing it all again. They are worth every tear, needle and tablet!!" 

Alison and her husband had treatment at the Bridge Centre - now LWC London Bridge - in 2005 using a surrogate (her sister-in-law) and donor eggs. Her twins Annie and Jake are now 11. 


The LWC were delighted to have been involved in the Science Museum "Late" event on 25th July 2018 providing interactive stalls for a special evening with Louise Brown, guest of honour on her 40th birthday.

Today is a special day, Louise Brown, the first IVF baby turns 40.  It’s a momentous day for all of us who work in the fertility industry but also for all of those families we have helped to create. 

Forty years ago on 25th July 1978, Louise Brown, the first baby in the world was born as a result of IVF. Advances in both science and technology mean that we can help more people achieve their dream of having a child. 

The Daily Mail charts the fertility milestones since 1978 in the lead up to Louise Brown, the first IVF baby's, 40th birthday. 

Louise Brown talks about her story as the first ever IVF baby. 

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