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Christmas - Your Way

Christmas - Your Way
Christmas - Your Way

The season of goodwill is upon us and it is hard to avoid the perceived pressure to conform, smile, and raise a glass, not to mention spending time with family that wind you up!

Being in the midst of fertility treatment can make this time of year even more challenging and you can feel trapped in a limbo of hope and anxiety whilst waiting for the results of a pregnancy test or the commencement of a treatment cycle in the New Year.

For some people Christmas can be a welcome break from treatment and offers some respite to indulge in something fizzy and the company of friends. For others though it can be hard to be confronted by media images of the perfect family Christmas and childhood wonder. Family too can sometimes offer little solace from the invasion of personal space and questioning of your future plans.

So how can you make this Christmas more bearable, if not even enjoyable? Cindy Charles, Fertility Coach at LWC offers her advice for coping with the festive season.

It’s important that you prioritise your needs at this time and not to feel obliged to join in social activities that may distress you. Christmas can offer an opportunity to recharge your batteries if you plan your time carefully, so that you enter the New Year feeling stronger and refreshed.

Try and find some time to do the things that make you happy, whether it’s snuggling up in bed, going for a walk, going to the cinema or theatre, and make this a priority ahead of invites for things that other people want to do. That way you will feel more in control of your circumstances, which will have a positive effect on your wellbeing. Also, take advantage of the seasonal fruits and vegetables that are on offer such as satsumas, brussels, red cabbage, almonds, brazil nuts and turkey, all of which contain a multitude of minerals and vitamins that will support your pre-conception health. Unfortunately, it’s the cakes, crisps and chocolate that take some managing - where an 80/20 rule is suggested and allows for some indulgence. Alcohol is tricky and the NHS advises to air on the side of caution when trying to conceive, given that there are no ‘safe’ limits of consumption.

Most importantly take care of yourself and each other if you’re in a relationship and channel your energies to make 2019 the best it can be for you.

If you would like some support over the Christmas period, we have a Support Group at 7pm on Monday 17th December and further support is offered by our Counselling and Patient Support Team throughout – please see the LWC Fertility Support Hub for more details.

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