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Charlotte's Story

Charlotte's Story
Charlotte's Story

Growing up, the thought of having a family of my own one day filled me with joy! I was 16 when they told me I had ovarian cysts and endometriosis. 4 operations later, I was told that trying to conceive wouldn’t be easy; not impossible but not easy as scar tissue, cysts and endometriosis constantly returning could ruin my chances. 

Harry and I tried for 4 long years, without any luck at all, so we had some tests and was told IVF was our only chance of becoming parents. It was words that we never thought we would hear, but also words of hope that it wasn’t completely over just yet! It still didn’t take away the pain that we would never be able to conceive naturally - but it gave us hope. 

After a few more tests, we were finally ready to start treatment. I was petrified, I didn’t realise how IVF worked until they talked us through it. After weeks of injecting daily and what felt like a lifetime, on egg collection day we retrieved 22 eggs. We were ecstatic - what an amazing number. Out of the 22 eggs only 2 had made it to 5 day blastocysts! I was upset at the thought that only 2 out of so many had survived and all hope I had went! I should have been happy as they were both top grade but I couldn’t shake this negative feeling - I spoke to a lovely nurse at LWC and that negative feeling went straight away! 

Transfer day came, and we had 1 of our 2 embryos transferred. Two very long weeks later - which felt much longer than the 4 years we had been trying for - we saw 2 pink lines for the very first time.  We called the clinic to tell them that we were pregnant and they were completely overjoyed and I really felt they shared the joy with us! Nine months later, in September our miracle Freddie was born! 

Ten months later, we were back at the clinic finding out information about getting our frozen embryo implanted - we were ready for another, again the same anxiety came back just like the first time! LWC put that to bed straight away and made us feel hope, and confident that we’ll be able to have a baby brother or sister for Freddie! 

Everything went smoothly with treatment, and we were back for the agonising 2-week wait. When the wait was up again we saw those 2 lines appear on the pregnancy test! We were so excited at the thought of giving Freddie a sibling and for us to bring another miracle into the world! Nine months later in May, our second son Ollie was born and has completed our family! 

IVF has made us become the family we had always wanted.  Even though it was a tough and gruelling process we would do it again in a heartbeat. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for London Women’s Clinic. They were incredible in every aspect and for that, we will forever be grateful to them for giving us the life we are blessed with now. 

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