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Jo & Angela's Story

Jo & Angela's Story
Jo & Angela's Story

My wife and I started our IVF journey in 2016. Although Angela already had 4 children from a previous marriage, I wanted to have a child of my own. We attended our first appointment at the London Women's Clinic in Kent, and for the first time, my dream felt as though it could become a reality.

Unfortunately, our first fresh cycle failed but we wasted no time in trying again. We used 2 of our frozen embryos and 9 months later I gave birth to our little boy, Lenny! Life has been a roller coaster since Lenny joined us but it's everything we could have ever hoped it would be and more! So much so, that we have since used our final 2 embryos and I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant!

It isn't until you think back (or start treatment again after a break) that you suddenly realise how much of a journey you've been on; all the injections, tablets, scans etc. At the time, you just take it all in your stride, but then when you think about everything, you suddenly become aware of how strong you've been and how much you have wanted to hold that miracle in your arms! 

With the amount of joy Lenny and this new baby has brought to our lives, I wouldn't think twice about doing it all again. They are worth every tear, needle and tablet!! Without the help of all of the staff at the clinic, we never could have completed our family unit! Thank you so much to you all.

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