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Laura & Rebecca's Story

Laura and Rebecca's Intra-Partner Egg Donation story
Laura and Rebecca's Intra-Partner Egg Donation story

For same-sex couples desiring parenthood, London Women’s Clinic (LWC) can help. We discovered that there are so many options available to help us start a family at the LWC ‘inseminar’; a free event where options for all couples (not just same-sex couples) were discussed. Exactly 12 weeks post event, we had opted for Intra-Partner IVF; allowing us to both be actively involved in the pregnancy and process. This included me, Laura as birth mother (Mummy) and my partner Rebecca as Genetic Mother (Mama). Selecting who would birth and who would be genetic was, of course, difficult, but for us it really was only a matter of time, given we wanted a sizeable family…perhaps 2-3 children if fortunate enough! So… we always planned to reverse the process as our family hopefully grows health dependent of course.

It was such a special time for us, but equally daunting as desperation to be parents was upon us and we were unsure of whether we would be a success. The free counselling and the regular support from clinic staff helped us feel reassured, albeit they remained open and realistic throughout; so no false expectations. They are a friendly and nurturing team dedicated to their professionalism from front of house to the clinicians; we were amazed!

Having synced our cycles, and both medicated we underwent the procedure, whereby Rebecca’s eggs were harvested and donor sperm inseminated. We had success of 2 blastocysts on day 5, of which we opted to freeze one and desperately hoped for a live birth of the other. On 8th June, 2015 on my (Laura’s) 28th Birthday, we found we were pregnant, we were ecstatic (to say the least)! 

Our beautiful daughter Madeleine was born weighing an impressive 8lb 15oz, 2 weeks post her due date. We had a surprisingly enjoyable pregnancy, though; it was followed by a difficult first birth of 19hours of induced labor; although at 04:38hrs, Madeleine arrived safe and sound, with the most beautiful eyes, and perfect lips. It was a surreal moment, a baby I, Laura had grown/birthed but whom looked exactly like her gorgeous Mama (Rebecca).

Now a resilient and happy 2-year-old, mastering social confidence and language, our Madeleine keeps us on our toes! Parenthood has been the best challenge and the most amazing experience either of us have had the pleasure. Madeleine truly lights up our life, and we cannot wait to grow our family further. So much so, we have reserved sibling sperm for years to come, and we are booked in to LWC for later in the year in hope that we can complete a successful Frozen Embryo Transfer. Madeleine often asks for a baby of her own and we know she will be the most marvelous Big Sister. We cannot wait to continue our journey with LWC, but more importantly as a family.

Madeleine We Love You More Than You Could Ever Know, Thank You for ‘Rocking Our World’!

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