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Sarah & Jay's Story

Sarah & Jay's Story
Sarah & Jay's Story

We had been trying for a baby for a number of years without success, and after numerous tests, it looked like we would not be able to conceive naturally. There were times where we felt that our dream of finding that final piece to our jigsaw would never happen.

We were told our only option would be to undergo IVF/ICSI and were lucky to get support from the NHS. From a list of a number of clinics we selected LWC.

The treatment was not without its ups and downs. We knew that it might not work, but were very excited to get underway as we knew the LWC had good success rates. The staff at the LWC were amazing, supportive, and always on hand to help us through the treatment.

Our treatment was also not without its heartbreak, as we had 2 failed transfers. Each time wondering if we would find our final piece. But the staff at LWC were really supportive and helped us through that emotional time.

They say, third times a charm, and for us it was. Twelve long days after our third transfer I got a positive result and was walking on cloud 9. It took all my willpower not to tell everyone. That evening I was able to surprise my husband with the amazing news.

We both will never forget the first time we saw our daughter's heart beating on the ultrasound at the LWC. It was was the first time I saw my husband well up with tears, the second time was nine months later when we were blessed with our beautiful daughter.

Safe to say that our lives will never be the same again, and we wouldn't change that for the world. Due to previous health issues we had to have a c-section, our daughter came into the world behind a screen at 39 weeks, but we knew we loved her to the moon and back the moment we heard her first cry.

Everyone says that the first several weeks are the hardest, and they aren't lying. Nothing can prepare you for the late nights, numerous nappy explosions and trying to get the "wind up". But it's all worth it to see her grow and develop from a tiny little bundle to a beautiful baby girl.

We have our final piece to our jigsaw and life now is truly complete. Each day she amazes us by learning something new and filling our hearts with pride and joy, and its all thanks to the LWC.

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