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Lisa & Kelly's Story

Lisa & Kelly's Story

I met my now wife whilst on holiday repping abroad and she was dating my ex back in 2004, so started well! Things progressed very naturally together and we married in 2010. We always wanted to be a family unit with a child/children, we visited our local GP and we were told “we don’t have support like that for people like you in this area”. I had an overwhelming need to be a mum, so there was nothing that would stop us and we focused our energies on “how”. This led us to an advert in DIVA Magazine to a clinic that specialises in same-sex parenting which happened to be the London Women’s Clinic. From the very first visit we were treated with dignity and respect and as a couple, fast forward after many trips to London, 3 lots of IUI, egg donation and 2 rounds of IVF we finally got pregnant....legs literally collapsed at the news!!!


“We still thank our lucky stars that we are truly blessed with our little treasure”

It is now 4 years later and we still thank our lucky stars that we are truly blessed with our little treasure! We have been lucky enough to have been on the front cover of the London Women’s Clinic OVA magazine and in advertising campaigns for the London Women’s Clinic across London, and this just helps with giving anyone who is hoping to be a parent hope and helps our story with our little man.

We often visit the clinic to show Lennon Harley Liddle where his story began and when he asks the questions, we can show him and be proud of all the help we had.

JJ and Dr Nair will always remain forever in our gratitude!!

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