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The Blame Game: Handling your emotions as a couple

Cindy Charles, the LWC Fertility Coach
Cindy Charles, the LWC Fertility Coach

So life just got complicated. It may have all been going so well, good job, a partner you love, maybe your own home? Then bang, you are diagnosed with having an infertility problem, or sometimes worse, unexplained infertility and you are left in a state of bewilderment and shock. What has caused this? What did I or ‘you’ do wrong? Has our lifestyle had an impact, and why are we being punished? Heavy stuff for anyone to handle…

So how can these details and thoughts be processed when they are so fraught and confused?

We know that men and women often handle their emotions in different ways and what if with all the best intentions you and your partner find it hard to communicate? And even if you can, what do you tell friends and family if you are starting or restarting treatment?

Handling this aspect of treatment can often prove as testing as the treatment itself, as patients are often all too aware that whilst a baby may represent a new beginning, marriages, work and family relations remain integral to the wellbeing of their intended future family. Hence the pressure, and beginning of the mind games of how to navigate the life changing quagmire of whether treatment will or won’t work.

The LWC's Fertility Coach, Cindy Charles works with patients undertaking treatment to help them gain a 360 view of their lifestyle, health and relationships during what can prove a very stressful time. Monthly support groups run by the clinic can help to normalise patients’ feelings and provide an opportunity to share your journey with other people who can relate to your story. Helpful information is shared and all are welcome, including partners. The clinic’s counselling service also provides an invaluable resource for patients before and during treatment and is integral to the services offered.



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