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You are not alone

Cindy Charles, Fertility Coach
Cindy Charles, Fertility Coach

During Fertility Awareness Week, our Fertility Coach Cindy Charles, provides some ways you can support yourself through infertility and most importantly understand that you are not alone.

"Whether you are undertaking preliminary fertility tests, frazzled by your latest round of treatment, or facing life without children, this is one subject matter that messes with your head and often those close to you. It is a known fact that 1 in 6 people of reproductive age are having trouble conceiving, so rest assured that you are not alone in experiencing the highs and lows of investigating your body’s ability to conceive a child.

There are many adjectives that cover the range of emotions that you may be feeling at this time but undoubtedly disorientation, stress and anxiety will play their part, along with glimmers of intrigue and hope that will energise you to take the next step forward, whatever that might be.

The good news is that there is more information and support than ever on offer from a variety of sources. Importantly this week sees the start of national Fertility Awareness Week, which is an annual week-long event that aims to challenge the taboos and myths around infertility and raise awareness of the devastating physical, emotional and social impact fertility problems can wreak. By sharing stories and experiences Fertility Network UK aims to change perceptions, signpost support and raise funds to help others during this high-profile week in the fertility industry. 

The week culminates in the Fertility Show, now in its tenth year, it is the only live event that lets you meet with top fertility experts, clinics, doctors and patients alike. We are delighted to say that our very own Senior Counsellor, Tracey Sainsbury will be talking about ‘Managing your Relationships through Infertility’ and ‘Counselling through IVF’ on the Saturday and Sunday respectively. 

Here at London Women’s Clinic we are constantly striving to develop new ways to best support our patients and currently offer counselling, fertility coaching, support groups and events, resources, seminars and much more.  More information can be found in our Fertility Support Hub

And please remember that you are not alone…we are here to help!"

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