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New affordable, all-inclusive price packages for 2019

New affordable, all-inclusive price packages for 2019
New affordable, all-inclusive price packages for 2019

At the London Women’s Clinic, we recognise that the cost of fertility treatment can be a substantial financial commitment.  Understanding all the costs involved in your treatment can be complicated, especially when different clinics present their prices in various ways.  With this in mind, we have revised our price list and price packages in our London and South East clinics starting from 1st January 2019. 

All-inclusive packages: easier to understand

Many fertility clinics across the UK display their prices online in such a way that it becomes difficult to add up the individual costs involved in treatment.  At the LWC we have taken the step to include all essential costs in our price packages, rather than rely on you to add up lots of different, confusing elements.  Our IVF packages in London and the South East now all include blastocyst culture and time-lapse imaging

Blastocyst culture means that, thanks to improvements in the laboratory, embryos can be cultured for up to five or six days, when in the past they would be transferred following IVF or ICSI two or three days after egg collection. This allows the embryologist to make a better choice about which embryo will have the best chance of pregnancy. 

Time-lapse imaging means taking a photograph of the embryo every twenty minutes.  This allows embryologists to view the development of the embryos inside the incubator without exposing them to outside air conditions and to watch the development of the embryos closely to choose the best embryo for transfer.

Our innovative new IVF packages

The technique of “vitrification” has revolutionised the IVF industry.  Success rates for embryos transferred in a Frozen Embryo Transfer are now the same or more successful than embryos transferred in a fresh embryo transfer (in the same cycle as the patient’s egg collection). 

This has led the LWC to develop a pioneering new approach to IVF.  Embryos created following IVF are now all frozen without a transfer in that cycle.  In a later more natural cycle, one embryo is thawed and transferred to improve the chance of pregnancy.  If necessary, a further Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle will take place in another cycle giving patients two opportunities for pregnancy both of which are included in the IVF package.  You can find out more in our “A new approach to IVF in 2019” blog.

Multi-cycle packages

As well as our main IVF package, we offer a range of multi-cycle packages for other treatments. These include a 3 cycle Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) package, 3 cycle donor insemination package (including donor sperm from the London Sperm Bank), 3 cycle egg freezing package and 3 cycle embryo freezing package.  All these packages give patients a significant saving for purchasing more than one cycle of treatment.  Depending on your individual circumstances, medical history and initial fertility tests, your fertility specialist will be able to recommend whether a multi-cycle package of treatment will be beneficially for you. 

Clear price list breakdowns

We hope our new, all-inclusive packages make it easier for you to understand the implications of going ahead with treatment.  Instead of providing our patients with an extensive menu full of blood tests, procedures and medication, we have now created clear and simple individual price lists for all the different treatment options available at the clinic. Should you have any questions our experienced staff will be able to explain this to you.

If you would like any further information about the costs of treatment at the LWC or our new price packages, please contact us to find out more.

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