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The LWC are proud to sponsor FertilityFest 2019

LWC are proud to sponsor FertilityFest 2019
LWC are proud to sponsor FertilityFest 2019

LWC are proud supporters of FertilityFest having been one of the first fertility clinics in the UK to sponsor the event in 2016.  Since then it has grown from a two day event to a four week long festival this year being held at the Barbican centre between 23rd April and 18th May.

About FertilityFest

FertilityFest 2019 described as ‘the only arts festival devoted entirely to the science of making babies and modern families’ was the brain child of festival directors Jessica Hepburn, former executive director of the Lyric Theatre and author of two books The Pursuit of Motherhood and 21 Miles: Swimming in search of the meaning of motherhood and Gabby Vautier theatre and event producer and proud mum of IVF twins girls.  They hope through the festival to promote conversation and drive social change around fertility awareness and support for anyone experiencing infertility or supporting someone who is, and anyone interested in assisted reproductive technology (ART). 

Launch of FertilityFest 2019

We were delighted that our Senior Fertility Counsellor, Tracey Sainsbury, a member of the FertilityFest Steering Committee was one of the few invited to speak at the launch of this year’s festival on 14th January 2019 at the Barbican. Tracey has been inspired over the years by those she’s heard or met at the festival having often been moved to tears, of both joy and sadness by the coming together of so many strong people. She says

“It feels inappropriate to call it a celebration of art reflecting ART, Assisted Reproduction Technologies, as so much of the content is about the pain and losses associated with wanting a baby, the easy way, or even with assistance, and it just not working or taking so long. But it is a celebration, of the way in which some quite breath-taking artists have been inspired to create something that is meaningful to them around their fertility, in discussion with, or for the ‘fight clubs’ verbally battling against, fertility experts drawn from clinical, holistic and academic fields.”

LWC’s sponsored day of events

This year the LWC will be sponsoring a whole day of events on Saturday 4th May entitled ‘What Comes First, the Career or the Egg?’. This is specifically for women in their twenties and thirties who are considering their fertility options for the future and whether to freeze their eggs or contemplate single motherhood. 

To Parent or Not To Parent: 11.30am - 12.45pm

This session includes extracts from the plays The Non-Parent Trap and The Baby Question followed by a Q&A with the artists and the LWC’s Tracey Sainsbury.

Egg Freezing: 1.15pm - 2.30pm

Extracts from the musical comedy The Egg Rumour and the web series It’s Freezing Out There are presented in this session followed by a Q&A chaired by Sophie Sulehria BBC journalist and creator of the Radio 4 series The Long Road To Baby.

Solo Motherhood: 3pm - 4.15pm

This session is especially for women who are looking in to starting a family on their own as a single women.  Genevieve Roberts, author of My choice to become a single mother using a donor and Claire Taylor writer of the one woman show Single Multiplication will be in conversation with Caroline Spencer and the LWC’s fertility coach Cindy Charles.

You can find out more about FertilityFest and their full listings for the entire festival on their website

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