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Heather & Kim's Story

Heather & Kim's Story
Heather & Kim's Story

We always knew we wanted to be Mummies. 

We fell in love with London Women’s Clinic after attending an Inseminar in January 2017. We decided we would try IUI as this was the less invasive treatment, (we also knew of other lesbian couples who had fallen pregnant this way). We did 3 rounds of IUI using donor sperm from London Sperm Bank, all of them failed. We knew the chances were slim, but we were still heartbroken. 

We took a few months away from treatment, we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in Paris, then took the next steps into IVF in September 2017. In the November we had 1 embryo transferred and the wait began... The wait felt like 2 years, not 2 weeks! 

When the test was positive we just couldn’t believe it. We cried, and we cried, we were so happy!

A week before the early pregnancy scan we had a very big bleed and thought the worst. We went in earlier than planned for the scan, our baby’s heartbeat was a little slower than average but one of the amazing nurses reassured us that it was still early days and things were okay. 

As the weeks went on we were getting more and more excited to meet our little boy...

On July 15th Arlo James Anthony made his entrance into the world, and we couldn’t have fallen more in love with him if we had tried.  Arlo is now 7 1/2 months old, he is very happy and the cheekiest little chap who makes us proud to be his Mummies every single day.

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