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Steph's Story

Steph's Story
Steph's Story

Our journey started in January 2017.  We had always talked about having kids and after moving into our own home and settling in we decided now was the time to start our family.

We went to a seminar hosted by the London Women's Clinic and got some information and after reading the information packs we were given we gave the London Women's Clinic in Canterbury a call and booked a consultation. Throughout our whole journey, every one of the staff has been amazing and made us feel valued.

Unfortunately, we had two failed attempts at IUI using donor sperm. I decided that I was then going to egg-share. It was a lot of work but knowing I could potentially help someone else too was great!

When my body was ready we went to the LWC in Harley Street for the egg collection procedure and they managed to collect 20 eggs - 10 for myself and 10 for my recipient. They let us know after a few days that 5 of my eggs had turned to embryos.  In my next cycle, we headed back to the Harley Street clinic to have the frozen embryo transfer and it worked!!!

We were so happy we had a little boy born in June. He is amazing, and we are so thankful to the clinic for making our dreams come true!! We are now looking to have treatment again in the near future, so Noah can have a brother or sister.

Thank you London Women’s Clinic!!

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