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Georgina's Story

Georgina's Story
Georgina's Story

Our journey with LWC Cardiff began in the Spring of 2014. After trying for a baby unsuccessfully for almost 2 years, my husband Chris and I, decided to visit the clinic for fertility testing and to explore our options. The results of testing didn’t show any reason for our fertility struggles. We decided first of all to try IUI, however after 3 rounds we were still unsuccessful.

In June 2014 we began IVF Lite, which helped me produce 5 eggs; 4 of those eggs were successfully fertilised. Unfortunately, 2 embryos weren’t suitable for freezing. We had the other 2 embryos transferred, and this gave us our first baby Francesca.

The staff at LWC were brilliant and clear throughout the whole experience. But especially the nurses who talked me through how to administer the hormones and were very patient and reassuring when I suffered bleeding and cramps in early pregnancy.

Our baby dream came true in March 2015 when our perfect baby girl was born. We felt so lucky to have her and thankful to LWC for helping us to have her.

3 years later, with Francesca approaching school age, we felt we wanted to try for a baby again, although this time we did feel more relaxed and accepting of whatever was to come.

We decided to stop by LWC to make an appointment to discuss our options, and once again they didn’t disappoint as they were able to arrange appointments that suited us. I was very pleased to find out that I was still able to receive IVF Lite treatment, as I had a good experience with this treatment with my first pregnancy.

The second time doing IVF Lite felt more stress free than the first time, and this time 6 eggs were retrieved. 6 of these eggs were successfully fertilised and all of grade 1 quality. After discussing with the doctor and embryologist, we agreed to transfer 1 embryo, rather than 2 like our first treatment. We were incredibly lucky for this embryo to result in our second successful pregnancy. Nine months later we welcomed our gorgeous little boy Harri.

Although some may say we were unlucky to require fertility treatment to have our family, we feel blessed that both our treatments were successful first time. Many couples aren’t so lucky.

Life is now busy with two children. But our family is now complete, and we couldn’t be happier.


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